Lieke Robben, Isabel Morales García Amsterdam, Nederland

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Let’s make the city of Heerlen dynamic, green and beautiful

The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Create your own’ is a design by Lieke Robben and Isabel Morales García.

‘The city of Heerlen is undertaking a positive regeneration. As capital of the Parkstad region, many plans to fill up vacant spaces and to revive the public space are on the verge of realisation. Now it is time to top it off: by linking the city´s roofscape to the activities on street level. Our modular rooftop system enables inhabitants, entrepreneurs and the officials of Heerlen to create their own rooftop. Together, we can boost the regeneration of Heerlen by dynamizing the roofscape, and in addition, make the city green and beautiful.’

”Modular rooftop system: combine and create your own. Let’s make the city of Heerlen dynamic, green and beautiful.”

-Lieke Robben & Isabel Morales García-


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