Anouk Dankaart-Steenblik Bennekom, Nederland

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Introducing a new art form ‘Street art – Next level’

The Heerlen Rooftop Project STREET ART – NEXT LEVEL is designed by Anouk Dankaart-Steenblik. She introduces the new art form ‘Street art – Next level’.

Why street art? Heerlen is already decorated by a lot of impressive murals made by well known international artists. The murals are a part of the urban culture of Heerlen. The quantity of the murals, the weekly organized guided tours and the ‘Street Art Heerlen’ app for mobile phones show its importance. The phrase ‘Next level’ refers to the location of the art, the rooftops, and also the mission to bring street art to a higher level of sustainability. ‘Street art – Next level’ does not use any paint or graffiti but it is made from plants and flowers. Carefully designed botanical sculptures are added to buildings. These sculptures are designed specific for their location and building to enhance the quality of the public space.

Enjoy the beautiful views, smell the flowers, get inspired, chill and dance on rooftops and meet other art and food lovers.


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