BoschSlabbers Landschapsarchitecten & Zwarts & Jansma Architecten: Esther Bergstra, Chris Janssen, Réne Bosch & Ralph Cloot, Kiana Aryan Kia Den Haag / Amsterdam, Nederland

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘LINK IN THE CITY’ is a project designed by BoschSlabbers Landschapsarchitecten & Zwarts & Jansma Architecten.

LINK will be a new route-network which will be unique in the Netherlands and beyond. LINK consists of four design elements: Ground level LINKs a number of strategically chose city spots to activate and engage the city, Rise point LINKs the ground level to an interesting location on roof level, Roof Path LINKs to different functions on the roof and Bridge LINKs to the next interesting roofscape. Within the city, the network of LINK is highly recognizable by use of wooden planks, trail of dotted lights, both reminiscent of old mines and the guidance of green. These elements are flexible/ temporarily mountable and expandable throughout the city. LINK will enable the visitor to see Heerlen from a new perspective.

”LINK is the LINK between city and sky, between ground level and roofscape, between urbanist and nature, between interesting city spots like Morenhoek and unexpected functions like farming, between shopping and relaxing, between station and Raadhuisplein, between Schouwburgplein and Pancratiusplein, between everyday life and festival, between dreams and plans being realised.”

-BoschSlabbers Landschapsarchitecten-

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