Sjoerd Goijarts: & Tom Koetsenruijter, Lars Fraij, Luuk van Zwam Roosendaal, Nederland

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘The Kapla Concept – Dynamic design for a flexible feature’ is designed by Sjoerd Goijarts, Tom Koetsenruijter, Lars Fraij & Luuk van Zwam.

The city center of Heerlen, as the heart of Parkstad, needs a dynamic structure to establish a flexible economy. An economy that is adaptive to the uncertainty of the feature of Parkstad. The Kapla Concept is a wooden framework that reacts to demand and context. The framework grows above the roofs of Heerlen, providing a structure for both temporary and permanent program.

The Kapla Concept is bringing the iconic hillscape of Limburg in the skyline of Heerlen. The structure, that refers to the mine history of Parkstad, provides room for temporary cheap housing and commercial spaces. Beside additional buildings, the Kapla Concept facilitates urban agriculture and urban green on the roof. This results in an attractive hillscape for Heerlen and provides economic concepts that fit in the feature of Parkstad.

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