SATIJNplus Architecten: Sandra Wigmans–Pustjens, Martje van Horrik, Omayra Mingels, Kevin Meertens. Born, Nederland

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Canvas for Urban Renewals’ is a project designed by SATIJNplus Architecten.The design focuses on creating an environment for ‘Urban Renewal artists’  to live, develop and create their idea/product/performances on the rooftops of Heerlen for one year. At the end of that year, the final products of the Urban Renewals will be shown at the Festival Canvas. The streets and buildings become an open gallery in the city that can be viewed from different perspectives. A bird’s-eye view from the new tower blends the street art with the city and its inhabitants; giving art a platform that is visible in its true potential from the rooftops. Combined with light lines that represent the historic structure of Heerlen, the rooftops create a new public space in which citizens and visitors will discover the past and future of Heerlen and ‘make it mine’.

”The collaboration and dialogue of the rooftops, canvas and public streets provide a breeding place for urban experiments.”

-SATIJNplus Architecten-

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