Nathan Guillaume, Meray Nassimos, Justine Noulin

Nathan Guillaume, Meray Nassimos, Justine Noulin

Life, rest and contemplation. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Nathan Guillaume

EAP 2021 Meray Nassimos

EAP 2021 Justine Noulin

Nested in the Meuse valley, the city of Huy (20 000 inhabitants) is a local pole located in Belgium, between Liège and Namur. Between rocks, trees, and water, it has a rich history that can be read through wandering in its century-old Buissière cemetery.

Our zone of interest is centred on this cemetery, isolated from the old town and located on the highest peaks of the valley; the Buissière hill. Its views on the city and the valley are beautifully striking. Disconnected from the surrounding urbanized areas, this cemetery contains exceptional monuments. But walls and graves fall apart due to lack of use, maintenance and attention while biodiversity is flourishing. And the slopes of the hill are in the same state: natural, marked by histories such as viticulture and industry but disconnected and inaccessible.

In the context of an economic revitalization program, our intervention is willing to anchor itself in the local qualities to revitalize the area. A place with its own identity is therefore proposed, promoting landscape, nature, soft mobility and a mix of uses, users and generations. Around the revegetated cemetery, which becomes an inter-district link, pockets of attraction are created, of which a funeral centre and a wine centre. These are linked together by paths and landscape continuity.

The different pockets carry their own projects, with particular attention to the integration between the building and its context, and a user-centred approach, whether focused on children, people of the 3rd or 4th age, people in mourning, residents of the city or visitors. The Buissière hill will therefore become a unique place opened to all, a haven of peace dedicated to Humans, to Nature, to Life, Rest and Contemplation.

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