Marie-Claire Rommé

Marie-Claire Rommé

Innovation grid. FH Aachen (Germany)

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EAP 2021 Marie-Claire Rommé

A new innovation quarter for the University of Applied Sciences is to be built on the planned area on Eupenerstraße. The area is located between four other sites and thus offers the possibility of a central use for the entire University of Applied Sciences.

In contrast to RWTH the FH Aachen, with its decentralized locations, acts as a university in the city. In order to make good use of this concept, it is particularly important that the university areas of the FH Aachen network with the city and its inhabitants, thus ensuring ideal conditions for exchange and integration. This is achieved through a colorful mix of uses at the neighborhood level, the creation of open spaces for the general public and educational opportunities for the residents of the city.

 In the course of the design process, a grid of 55 x 55 meters was laid out over the plan area. Because some of the existing buildings will remain for decades, the grid is based on their orientation. The size of the grid was chosen based on a building type for university uses of 45 x 45 meters. This grid is broken up by a green band, the future Bodenhof Park. It connects the two green spaces of the Salierallee and the railroad embankment. In addition, it allows a passage through the neighborhood along the park.

The park divides the neighborhood into two areas that overlap in some places. Thus, in the southern part of the area, mainly buildings with a university use will be built, whereas in the northern area, mainly apartments and office buildings for companies will be built. These two areas will be complemented by leisure and local amenities for the residents of the neighborhood, as well as the residents of the city of Aachen.




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