Louise Rompen

Louise Rompen

A nursery at Angleur. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Louise Rompen

It has never made kind of a good impression to come and play in Péralta Park with your friends. This is probably why it was so nice to walk there. Calm prevails. We can no longer detect neighborhoodʼs pollution. Greenery replaces tarmac. You walk up the gravel alleys towards the hill. You sit on a bench, right next to the fountain which no longer gives water. It was nice to be able to get fresher there, before. There is no longer any life either. In the past, elderly persons could be seen there, telling each other their gossip, sitting on the benches. There were couples walking there. And sportsmen passing by. Further up, under the trees, you run into a passerby. She is old. As soon as you lay eyes on her, she looks away. She doesn't answer your greetings. Have all social ties disappeared, here in Angleur? We no longer greet each other. We no longer seem to be paying attention to each other. You want to see it again, this place full of life. Laughter and chatting with the neighbors. The sky is gray. The first drop falls on your jeans. Now is the time to leave this place which reminds you of so many memories.

It seems necessary to offer, here in Angleur, alternatives to bring back life. To create exchanges in this multicultural and multigenerational population. Convenience stores have died since the arrival of the mall. However, the old workers’ houses are inhabited by families. However, the district is home to studentʼs accommodation. So, offering a place to stop next to the station, with varied and complementary programs, seems essential. A vertical nursery, a small restaurant, a library, a multipurpose room, a homework school, a local store, and familial and student accommodation? Why not? Perhaps they will allow to bring back permanentlife to this place that no longer has a function.

EAP 2021 Lousie Rompen foto

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