Isaline Lecomte

Isaline Lecomte

CPAS & social office in Angleur. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Isaline Lecomte

Public centre for social action & social office in Angleur. 

This project is the result of the rehabilitation of a site located in Angleur, on the border between a heavily urbanised area and the foot of a steep hill. 
It is set in a particular context consisting of two architectural interventions, carried out at two different times. The first, an outbuilding of the Nagelmackers castle, dating from the 17th century, whose façade of the first volume is listed. The second, an intervention, without an established function, carried out in the first term by another student.
We then inherited a complex plan composed of scattered volumes, linked together by two circulation axes. This initial plan, sometimes synonymous with imbalance, suffered from the non-construction of the void, thus forming several residual zones.

For this project, deconstruction and rebalancing work was undertaken to clarify the plan and adapt it to the new functions of the CPAS and the social office. The organisation is intended to be clear and legible. The functions attributed to the CPAS are positioned on the left-hand side of the plan, while the functions corresponding to the Social Office are located on the right-hand side, with direct access to the hill and its new chapel. A central reception area distributes and coordinates the whole.
The challenge of this project was to give new energy to the site, while respecting the interventions carried out previously and integrating the requirements of the new function. This place finally becomes a space of mutual aid and support where citizens from different backgrounds can meet.



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