Iryna Korzh

Iryna Korzh

The Hostynnyi Dvir building. Dissolving in history. UHasselt (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Iryna Korzh

Adaptive Reuse of the Hostynnyi Dvir building. Kyiv, Ukraine.
The project is based on the developed approach in my thesis through exploring the history of the site and questioning the authenticity of the Hostynnyi Dvir building. This research allows seeing that even though some values and qualities were lost, authenticity can remain, as it is not limited only by materiality. Seeing the Hostynnyi Dvir building as intangible heritage and treating it as a living heritage allows to restore the continuity of the site and develop new values. The concept is to dissolve the building in the surroundings since throughout the history, the building survived many alterations, its identity was dissolved by different events and reconstructions. The building should become a part of the public area, saving its more intimate and quiet character in comparison to its surroundings. In a sense, it should be softened around and become owned by the public. The approach includes reconnecting the building with its surroundings and restoring the site’s continuity by bringing back its function, and some architectural changes, which are meant to reflect its history. So, the function was chosen out of respect to the past. The balance between the public and private spaces is shifted towards public spaces. Thus, this place comes to life again, and the history of the Hostynnyi Dvir building can be embraced and continued with a help of minor interventions, dissolving the building in the vicinity.

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