Guillaume Dermine

Guillaume Dermine

Into the field. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Guillaume Dermine

In the small village of Moulin-du-Ruy, an unused marshland leaves the feeling of an empty space. To give back this place to the village, a melliferous flower field is planted. By this action, the biotope is preserved and a new landscape is created. The project “into the field” is therefore established and cross the flower field like a pier. This set marks the separation between the villages of Moulin-du-Ruy and Heilrimont but bring them together with a new walk pass.

The proposed implantation maximizes the south orientation and does not impact the view of the existing houses. Furthermore, the repetition of the structural columns blocks the views to the village from the inside of the project, thus preserving the private life of the villagers. However, this system provides a great opening toward the rest of the landscape. This allows for the occupants to feel nearly outside while being inside and minimize the impact of the building in its environment. This also allows for the flowing water to pass through the project, respecting the existing ground for what it is.

Two guidelines mark the project. One leads to a restaurant while the other to the walk pass. At the entrance, a beekeeper uses three separate units: one is a little shop and workshop, the second a honey-house with a great visibility from the outside and the third is a greenhouse heated in winter by the hibernating bees. They all could be rented by someone else in order to improve flexibility, maximizing the life span of the building … The closed volumes secure connections to the ground and storage. The restaurant is placed inside the field and benefits from a great opening view. Lastly, a free access to a little room provides amenities to all, bringing together different peoples “into the field”.


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