Danelle Dreyer

Danelle Dreyer

Redefining the Wall – The Castle of Good Hope. UHasselt (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Danelle Dreyer

The project aims to take a new perspective on the preservation of the intangible values of the 17th-century Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town in relation to the current social and environmental situations in South Africa. The design proposal focuses on the atmospheric experience of space translated through the poetic quality of water.

Cape Town is rich in freshwater spring that was historically used at the Castle in 1677. Currently, these freshwater springs are waisted into the ocean. With Cape Town experiencing extreme drought, a search for reconnecting the community with the lost waters formed the inspiration for the design and became the poetic medium to connect the past with the present. A new proposed water canal leading from the existing moats through the Castle wall welcomes the user with a communal water point and a guided journey through the Castle. As the water continues deeper into the central core of the Castle, the flow becomes slower to alter the atmospheric quality as the most contentious parts of the Castle is being approached. An abundant water presence between the interior courtyards becomes the central element for social activities supported by a small amphitheatre and playful water details.


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