Aron Wachelder

Aron Wachelder

Memorialis. AAM (The Netherlands)

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EAP 2021 Aron Wachalder

Most cemeteries and memorial sites in the Netherlands are like an island, filled with crucifixes and pieta figures in grassy fields, which were often placed on the outskirts or outside the city. While in Scandinavia, for example, a cemetery also serves as a public park. A landscape where emotions come together. Visiting a cemetery is a ritual for many people to remember a loved one. Such a visit to a cemetery is different for everyone.

In addition to visiting the memorial site of our loved ones, several rituals are an important part of our lives, including the important moment of saying goodbye during the scattering. Making a journey when a loved one dies is a fixed event for many cultures, as a transition from life to death. Making this journey together forms an emotional bond between the location and the memory that the person will carry with them forever. Another ritual I focus on is lighting a candle in that one special place where people remember the journey back.

For these rituals I am developing a route through the Kollenberg landscape in Sittard. This route is guided by architectural elements that lead to two pavilions. One for saying goodbye, the other for commemorating by lighting a candle. The designed brick elements also support the function of the landscape, the emotional carrier of this memory.


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