Anne-Sophie Renier

Anne-Sophie Renier

Breeding - Fabrication - Education. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Anne-Sophie Renier

The primary intention of this project is to propose within the village, a new place of sharing and learning for children but also for all walkers. In addition, this activity feeds the village.

Located south of the Moulin du Ruy village’s school, the plot is underlined by the presence of the creek, of an important vegetation and the path of walk leading to the orchard conservatory. Sheep-goat farming activities are complemented by a dairy production site to feed local trade and an educational centre encouraging the exchange of knowledge. The private housing of the breeder and two guest rooms offering views of the stable complete the infrastructure.

At the back of the playground, the gym defines a volumetric scale. With a public status, it allows for the immediate establishment of dwellings upstream and downstream. The development of a regular and modular structure, accompanies and adapts easily to the various functions of the buildings. Four volumes in wood frame articulate themselves in such a way as to frame a courtyard space. They are covered with corrugated steel sheet in the idea of reinterpreting the agricultural language and bringing a shimmering appearance to the beginning to reflect the vegetation and in time a patina that will marry nature. It offers a place of exchange between residents, but also with passers-by, the building being implanted on both sides of the road. Access to the creek gives the place an idyllic atmosphere. The galleries soften the relations between the inside and the outside while ensuring continuity. The surrounding areas rank and identify areas for rest and traffic.

EAP 2021 Renier

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