Sarah Dewez

Sarah Dewez

Intergenerationality in rural areas. ULG Liège (Belgium)

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Sarah Dewez

Positioned at the entrance to the village of Malempré, the inter-generational housing is part of the third phase of the master plan. All of these are established according to the original logic of the village and according to a system specific to the two adjacent streets. Located on a plot of + - 4600m2, the program is "exploded" into four buildings, in order to create interesting inter-spaces, at the village level, and responding to the concept. Intergenerationality mixes active populations with retired people in order to offer a mixed living environment with pleasant collective spaces. Being in a rural context, it’s essential to promote outdoor spaces as places of community and gatherings.

The four buildings of the project are located so as to make the whole permeable. To do this, a pedestrian walk is created within it to connect the streets on both sides. Two entrances are provided for this purpose, taking the status of a « square » in order to answer for the entire village. These dilate public space and are conducive to social interactions, meetings and leisure. Between them is the ride. Directional than linear thought, it expands to allow dedicated vegetable pockets for the community. These expansions between buildings can be appropriated by all residents. Intergenerationality is a mixture of different populations, housing is adapted according to the uses of each. Not everyone spends the same time there each day, and does not practice the same activities. This is why different typologies are offered. The user has the possibility of appropriating the accommodation in order to choose the function of certain rooms.

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