The ritual theatre. UHasselt (Belgium)

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Zaitov, Kurvantai

A Ritual theatre describes a place that is the end of a process led by the inhabitants of the city and the ritual. It is formed through the qualities of a theatre. The goal is to express a criticism on the daily society and their interpretation of the necro-capitalism. The usual process of the ritual is questioned and approached from a new perspective. The idea is to strive for a theatrical application of the ritual whereas the extern organisation is substituted by several altruistic entrants and performers. The different aspects of the ritual will be explained through the actions of the main characters of the theatre. It is divided between those who perform the different actions and those who want to contribute to the veneration of the death. Without one of the two factors, one cannot function and the scene cannot be staged.

The ritual theatre is a place where the guidance of the burial ritual is primary. The personal experiences of the ritual left a deep impression and got me thinking about the formation of this process. It was remarkable that the system existed of an external organisation who takes the responsibility of the body and the ritual. It is very common but in the project this process will be examined and reinterpreted.

The goal is to go back to the essence of honouring the dead where the process was independent from capitalism. The function of the building is to obtain a festive farewell without being related to the external organisations. The ENCI-site is an artificial landscape at the border of the historic city of Maastricht. This reformed landscape offers the possibility to manufacture a car-free Micro-city to fulfil the concept of the ritual theatre.

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