Kai Kleicker

Kai Kleicker

Terra Vinum. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Kai Kleicker

The worldwide tendency to the depopulation of rural areas is also leading to the extinction of villages in the Marche region of Italy. In order to nevertheless attract tourism to the inland and away from the overcrowded coastal regions, attractive offers are a must – as Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, this traditional culture shall be seen as a promising chance for its inland.

“Creating a contemporary answer to the identity of the wine-influenced place.”
– design idea

The urban planning analysis shows that the houses in the village have always developed either along or out of the contour line. The design ‘TERRA VINUM’, Latin for “earth of wines“, consists of two typologically different buildings: firstly the base, which blends into the surroundings and the slope. It becomes a part of the ground on which the excellent wine grows. The spaces within this volume are intimate, cosy, even cave-like.

A slight turn of the base generates the line of sight to the great south-western mountain range.

Above this part of the “built landscape” stands a light pavilion, which opens up completely and presents itself elegantly towards the city, concealing the extensive volume of the hotel. The pavilion is the first port of call. The pavilion is the first port of call and houses all of the hotel’s public functions. In addition to the central reception, there is a vinotheque, a restaurant, a seminar area and infrastructural ancillary rooms. A hole in the floor of the foyer allows guests to immerse themselves in the world of wine and lets a beam of light fall into the cellar. A sculptural staircase leads the guests through the wine cellar, along illuminated wine bottles, to their guest rooms.
Thus the wine always accompanies the guest.

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