30th Edition

30th Edition

In 2020, SCHUNCK awarded the Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) for the 30th time. A very special anniversary edition!

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Due to COVID-19, all aspects of the award had to be held online.

Exhibition & judging days

In an online module, the participating projects were presented to the jury and the public. This digital platform served to compensate the physical exhibition and was also the foundation for the two online judging days (presenting & judging) on 20/21 November 2020. Instead of a physical award ceremony an online announcement presented the winners and honourable mentions of this 2020 edition. Here you can also find the juryreport and the projectanalysis.

Award ceremony

Instead of a physical award ceremony which was not possible for this tri-national event, you can find a video production showing the winners and honourable mentions of this 30th edition 2020 playing at the top of this page.

Guest university

For the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the EAP, the Eindhoven University of Technology was invited to participate in the award as a one-time guest of the competition. Based on the allocation key, the three best graduation projects of the past year were selected for this.

Online lecture organized by Architecture Academy Maastricht (25-02-2021)

The 3 winners of this year’s Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) will present their graduation projects in English and elaborate on their design motivations. The online lecture starts at 7 pm. In between the presentations there will be some time for questions. Below you can find a poster with a link to the public lecture.