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Pushing boundaries

SCHUNCK is a place where people grow. Learn new things. Become more self-aware. Discover new words. Push their boundaries.

With a museum of modern and contemporary art, an architectural institute, a public library and a school of music and dance SCHUNCK has all the ingredients to push your boundaries. And thus to grow.



August 2022 19:00

Saturday 27 August, 'PAND - in collaboration with SCHUNCK - initiates a conversation between podcast maker ...

About the Glaspaleis

In the 1930s the centre of Heerlen witnessed the construction of an extraordinary building: the Glaspaleis. For its ...


On 15 and 22 July, Yoga on the Roof took place on the roof of Q-Park Putgraaf at the Heerlen Rooftop Project. It was ...

On June 30, the ‘Inspirational Session’ Bouwen vanuit de Bodem (Building from the bottom up), in collaboration with ...