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Pushing boundaries

SCHUNCK is a place where people grow. Learn new things. Become more self-aware. Discover new words. Push their boundaries.

With a museum of modern and contemporary art, an architectural institute, a public library and a school of music and dance SCHUNCK has all the ingredients to push your boundaries. And thus to grow.


September 2021
July 2022

SCHUNCK Glaspaleis

On SCHUNCK’s invitation, visual artist Astrid Nobel was asked by Dan Zhu to collaborate on a new mural on the ...

About the Glaspaleis

In the 1930s the centre of Heerlen witnessed the construction of an extraordinary building: the Glaspaleis. For its ...

Inspired by the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, Heerlen-based designers 220 VOLT (Gina Lempers) and 6400 ...

On Monday 25 April, SCHUNCK gave the first of a number of special tours for the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural ...