SCHUNCK Academy is the place to be to take your skills next level.

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The SCHUNCK Academy programmes are especially for musicians, singers and dancers who want to improve their skills, broaden their knowledge, develop themselves on stage and develop professionally.

Take part in workshops, get extra lessons, develop yourself on stage. If you are admitted to these programmes, our coaches will be there for you with a personally composed lesson programme.


Our trained teachers will stand beside you like a coach to help you realise your ambitions. Since they also work as performers themselves, they know exactly what is going on in the industry and can offer you the most value as a coach.


SCHUNCK Music and Dance contributes financially to the SCHUNCK Academy programmes, therefore there are limited places available. For this reason, to participate, there is an admission test and intake necessary.

The next auditions for the SCHUNCK Academy programmes take place on 8th of July 2023. Through the website, find the programme of your interest and sign up for the auditions. We will then contact you with more information about the auditions and the chosen programme.

For questions about these programmes, please contact our Talent development Coordinator Danee Klever at


Pregraduate Music