Driver's Seat 2021-2022

Driver's Seat 2021-2022

These are the Driver's Seat members of edition 2021-2022!

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I am Shilo and, like this work by Vera Gulikers, I am eccentric and colourful. I can get lost in art, letters and the stars, but this artwork also manages to touch me. Like me, I hope you will also take a moment to reflect on this work, but for this year, I will stay in the Driver's Seat for a while.

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Shilo


Hi hi, My name is Maureen, this work immediately appealed to me because I recognised the artist's style, as she also made a mural (if then is now) in one of the singing rooms at SCHUNCK where I took lessons myself. Visual art is in fact not the only thing I am involved with within art, I actually do everything that falls under art; visual arts, singing, dance, theatre. You name it, I do it. 

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Maureen


I am Lieve and I am here in front of Helen Verhoeven's work. Her work suits me well because it is not, at first glance, what it appears to be. Like me, this work has a deeper layer and a mysterious aura. I hope to put all this to use in another year of Driver's Seat!

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Lieve


I'm Ward, I have a huge passion for art, graphic design and storytelling. You can therefore find me in the small details of this painting and Dan Zhu's working method. Starting from an impulse or impression, a story is gradually created through images. The longer you look, the more you see. 

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Ward


I am Eefje, I am 16 years old and I love art and culture immensely. This painting really spoke to me because it was very busy but still a whole and I can find myself in that ;). It's super exciting and new for me but I'm looking forward to a really fun and enjoyable first year at Driver's Seat!!!

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Eefje


hi, I'm Jules! This work immediately caught my eye: unconventional, chaotic, comfortable. I actually kind of like chaos. Just doing it, going with the flow and seeing where I end up. The spontaneous choices often lead to the most beautiful moments. 

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Jules


I am Bibi. The painting with no coffee stain. There goes your only point of substantiation. So, hop, restored. And I'm left with nothing. Yes, a work of art (and an outfit matched to it that really has far too much overthinking...). But, I rest my case, a matter of feelings.
Oh yes, and I'm Bibi btw. Pleasant :) and I'll stay for a while if you don't mind ;)

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Bibi


My name is Vera and I am walking through a jungle of lush greenery, a landscape full of lianas with exotic flowers and leaves. 
It was love at first sight for me with this work by Hadassah Emmerich.
But I have to go now! I put on my survival clothes and set off to explore the Driver's Seat jungle. 

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Vera


I'm Veerle! Behind me you can see a work that is not only matchy with my outfit but which I simply love. It looks a bit like bushes growing out of my head, but these are just all fresh ideas for the new Driver's Seat year! ;) I'm looking forward to it again, LET'S GO!

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Veerle


I am Noha. From a young age, I always wanted to be involved in art, music and theatre. I learnt to play instruments, set up exhibitions in high school and was good friends with my art teacher, hi Diane! But times change, art becomes a concept without priorities and you plunge down to your studies. That's why I stick to the wheel of Driver's Seat, are you riding along?

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Noha


This artwork was love at first sight: popping neon letters with catchy text that I fully support myself (ha, literally). Patriarchy is history! I am very much looking forward to resuming my history with Driver's Seat after a 3-year 'break'!

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Lisa


I'm Caro and next to me you can see work by Lara Gasparotto and Paola Basika 'Looking for Vivi'. I have been following Lara for some time and her spontaneous, raw style, which is often very intimate and provocative, particularly appeals to me. I think this can also be recognised in my own work. Add colours and black-and-white passages and it becomes immediately clear that I am a fan of her work!   

Drivers Seat 2021-2022 Caro