Driver's Seat* 2017-2018

Driver's Seat* 2017-2018

Driver's Seat* 2017-2018 was the 5th batch of Driver's Seat*. An anniversary edition!

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The adventure for these youngsters consisted of three parts. The frameworks were set, but they were allowed to decide the exact content.


You've been SCHUNCKED

After a brief introduction to SCHUNCK as a cultural institution, the youngsters immediately assisted at the opening of Lisa Wolters' new exhibition, 'Now is a different back then'. Of course, this included a sneak peak before the exhibition officially opened. That's one of the advantages of being a member of Driver's Seat*!

In the exhibition, Lisa Wolters worked with photography, video and installations. To learn more about this too, the youngsters attended a number of workshops: 'How do you make your social media interesting for your followers?', 'How do you take good photos with your smartphone?' and 'What does a good vlog look like?'.

Every week = Museumweek

What do you actually see in an exhibition, and in a museum?
And does everyone see the same thing, or is art actually very personal?
Driver's Seat* actively participated in the exhibition 'New Arrivals II', an exhibition of new acquisitions from the municipal collection of SCHUNCK and the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. After attending a master class on Writing about Art, in which they were given tips by a professional, everyone was allowed to put their opinions / ideas / thoughts / feelings about this work of art on paper. And not just any paper. From all the descriptions a real room folder was made for the SCHUNCK museum audience. This showed that art really is for everyone! 

Besides writing a room folder, Driver's Seat* also gave guided tours of the exhibition during Museum Week. Of course, they were first taught by a professional tour guide and practised communication skills, knowledge and didactics.

There was also time to 'look next door'. Together with SCHUNCK staff, Driver's Seat* visited the exhibition 'Basquiat Boom For Real' in Frankfurt. An impressive exhibition as a foretaste of the big Basquiat exhibition that would be shown at SCHUNCK in 2019.


Now you're the expert...

The third part of this Driver's Seat* trajectory involved contacting artist Marieke Coppens. She was artist in residence in the SCHUNCK studio for a year and showed the youngsters a different side of art; art can sometimes be a bit funny too... And that art is not always rigid either was discovered during an hour of yoga in the museum.

To conclude this busy Driver's Seat* year, a big party was organised for all Driver's Seat* alumni and all SCHUNCK staff who support Driver's Seat*.