Driver's Seat 2016-2017

Driver's Seat 2016-2017

Driver's Seat* 2016-2017 set about developing, devising and implementing its own activities. The exhibition of the Parkstad Limburg Prize of the same name was central to this.

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It was up to Driver's Seat* to come up with and shape one or more activities. Quite a challenge!

Discover your inner artist!

On 5 March, Driver's Seat* organised two different activities, a tour of the 'Parkstad Limburg Prize' exhibition and the Discover Your Inner Artist workshop. By answering a list of questions and following a game board worked out on the floor, Driver's Seat* members discovered which artist (linked to the exhibition) best suited them. Then, everyone could create their own artwork using the materials belonging to their inner artist.

DS 2016-2017 Spielerei_2_nov_2016_foto3-webtegel.jpg 

personal creation

In March, Driver's Seat rolled up its sleeves and members designed several cards. To send or to frame. Like every member, each card was also different. 

What else

Not only did the group organise various activities, they also attended openings and helped give guided tours on behalf of SCHUNCK. They also visited Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, where MAS in Young Hands was visited. In addition, the Fashion Museum Antwerp was on the programme.