Driver's Seat 2015-2016

Driver's Seat 2015-2016

Driver's Seat* 2015-2016 conceived, developed and implemented various activities. 3FM Serious Request took centre stage, as this edition took place in Heerlen.

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The ultimate goal was to organise its own event in November 2015 highlighting SCHUNCK's various disciplines.

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Museum Week 2015

On 18 April 2015, this Driver's Seat* batch showed themselves to the general public for the first time. During Museum Week, they organised their first action to raise money for 3FM Serious Request; the Driver's Seat* Wheel of Fortune!

Spin the wheel and win a super cool, limited edition t-shirt!
The print on the shirt was specially designed for Driver's Seat* by artist Rick Meijers.

Cultura Nova 2015

On Saturday 29 August 2015, Driver's Seat* launched their event "Freak out!" during Cultura Nova. They appropriately hit the road to draw attention to Freak out!

Freak Out!

On Saturday 28 November 2015, Driver's Seat* presented Freak out!, an event that gave the word 'separate' a totally new meaning. 

The ordinary world is out and Freak Out! doesn't participate in that. It was an evening of oddities, from abnormal to scary, in a cosy setting. 

Among others, the bands Panacee, Burning Down the House, Ginger and the Souls, and Simone Kessen provided a surprising sound. Swinging was possible in the silent disco. Harrie Sevriens gave an inspiring performance and, of course, there was a photobooth for the most freaky pictures.

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Proceeds from Serious Request

In addition to the learning programme, Serious Request 2015 for Driver's Seat took centre stage. All activities raised a total of € 471.65. A very nice amount that the members were happy to present at the Glass House in Heerlen.

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