Driver's Seat 2010-2013

Driver's Seat 2010-2013

The highlights of Driver's Seat 2010 to 2013.

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The first group of Driver's Seat* members started with a pilot phase.
What did the young people expect from SCHUNCK? And what did SCHUNCK expect from the young people?
We learned a lot from each other and can rightly say that Driver's Seat* is a success. Thanks to this first batch of young people, subsidies became available for the next groups and SCHUNCK was able to continue the Driver's Seat* programme!

Driver's Seat 2010-2013_2.jpeg

The highlights

  • Pilot phase
  • Host and tour guide Museum Weekend 2012
  • Contribution to Human Disco Bong
  • SCHUNCK Pakt uit Photobooth
  • Working visit to Timmerfabriek Maastricht
  • Working visit final exhibition Art Academy Maastricht
  • Fons Haagmans performance
  • Museum Weekend 2013: ongoing stories, overnight showcase
  • SCHUNCK welcome: style spotters