About Driver's Seat
Driver's Seat 21-22 at the Heerlen Rooftop Project

About Driver's Seat

We are Driver's Seat: the youth club at SCHUNCK. We love art and culture, and as part of that we make exhibitions together, go on excursions and organise the best cultural activities. Most of all, we give advice to SCHUNCK, sometimes because we are asked to, but sometimes because we simply can't resist.

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Sounds fun, such a youth club, we agree. Still, we can imagine you still have questions. For instance, how Driver's Seat works, what's so fun about it or how old you have to be to join. We'll tell you all about it.

some background first

The first group started Driver's Seat in 2010. That means we have been looking at and talking about art, exchanging ideas and collaborating with other people (who also have those weird notebooks), forming our own creative opinions, thinking critically, guiding, making exhibitions and taking our own place in the art world for over a decade. Oh, and by young people we mean people aged between 16 and 23.

what we do

That changes every year. What keeps coming back is the behind-the-scenes look that you are guaranteed to get at the exhibitions in SCHUNCK museum at the time. You make an exhibition or work in another way with the SCHUNCK collection. You also get the chance to meet artists and learn how to guide. You will also realise self-devised projects, learn to cooperate better and, of course, get to know the nicest people.

how to apply

You can apply by sending an email to Simoon Hanssen (simoon.hanssen@schunck.nl). The new season usually starts in autumn, after that you can unfortunately no longer join. So when you sign up now, it will be for the autumn '23 edition.

what it costs

Driver's Seat is absolutely free!

what you need to be able to do

Absolutely nothing. No specific knowledge is required, nor do you need to be an artist. We just ask for some enthusiasm! It also doesn't matter what education you are in, whether you have a gap year or are in high school. If you are between 16 and 23, have an interest in art and want to commit to us for a school year, you are welcome. You don't have to audition either, but we always hold an introductory meeting. After this round, you will hear immediately whether you can join.

where you can see more

On the socials, of course. We are on TikTok, Instagram👇🏼 and Facebook. Also check out our previous editions here. See you soon!

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