David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - sixth edition

David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - sixth edition

On Saturday 17 September 2016 two permanent works of art by David Bade were unveiled in the Beersdal and Rennemig neighbourhoods of Heerlen. This also marked the starting signal for the sixth edition of David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel, Bade's Heerlen-based drawing project, this time dubbed Bade’s tafeltje-dek-je-tour or ‘Bade's meals-on-wheels tour’.

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The routes

The tour followed a route taking in almost every location which had previously featured in David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel assignments, and showed works of art in situ - that is, where they were created between 2013 and 2015 - for example, in the living rooms of David Bade's subjects, an empty cinema, a care home and local snack bars.

RTV Parkstad, a local TV station, put together an impression of this tour for its Culturij programme on 18 September that year (in Dutch).

Bade mural in Rennemig living room

To make David Bade tekent Heerlen onder tafel a little more challenging, Bade came up with the idea of painting a permanent mural in someone’s living room as part of Bade’s tafeltje-dek-je-tour (or ‘Bade's meals-on-wheels tour’). This also forms part of the municipal collection.

In the media

“The long-running art project David Bade tekent Heerlen onder tafel’ both pushes back boundaries and connects its citizens. Bade has incorporated art forms conceived by residents into large sculptures in two Heerlen neighbourhoods. And during Bade’s ‘meals-on-wheels tour’ tour he has even produced a mural in someone’s living room in the Rennemig neighbourhood”

That was the introductory paragraph of a review written in the arts section of the local newspaper, De Limburger on Monday 19 September. 

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