David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - seventh edition

David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - seventh edition

With the support of the VriendenLoterij lottery, as part of this project, SCHUNCK has been organising a series of special group sessions and portraits together with Bade.

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David Bade meets Pink Peril Roller Derby

Since the autumn of 2020, Bade has been immersing himself in the world of six special groups and clubs in Heerlen. For example, he trained with football club RKSV Groene Ster and he has carried out work in collaboration with the mental health group, Mondriaan GGZ. The project kicked off however, with the ladies of Pink Peril Roller Derby in November 2020. Each time, Bade opens a studio in a public space so that local citizens can drop in and see him at work.

 Pink Peril Roller Derby

The ladies of Pink Peril in Heerlen have been active in this ‘roller derby’ since 2011. Roller derby is full-contact sport, in which two teams - complete with roller skates - compete on an oval track. They do this without a ball, without a puck, in fact without anything. It’s a kind of American football but on roller skates and without a ball. Speed and aptitude on roller skates play a key role, but tactical insight and teamwork are just as important. And self-confidence and derring-do. To intimidate your opponents.

 There are currently 14 roller derby teams active in the Netherlands, each with their own imaginative name: the Northern Lightning Rollergirls from Groningen; Parliament of Pain from The Hague; Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys; Rotten Rebels from Dordrecht; and the SuckCityRocknRollerDolls from Breda. Pink Peril is the only Limburg-based team which competes in the national league. The club currently has around 25 active members. Men are also welcome to join. Three men now train with Pink Peril, two of whom play in the Liège-based men’s team in the Vi-Kings competition because - as yet - there is no male league in the Netherlands.


At the same time, David Bade and SCHUNCK have been seeking out creative talent. The need for this is great, since Heerlen does not have its own art school or offer any other kind of art course at degree level. The talent development programme started at the end of 2020 for a period of three years.

Anyone who can and wants to, can take part.

Recruitment for this project centres on younger people, but talent of all ages is welcome! The starting point is: anyone who can and wants to, can take part. A group of around eight participants works under the personal supervision of David Bade. As part of the project, all first-year students at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht participate. In this way, participants learn about David Bade’s way of working and about how the art world operates outside the confines of a museum. 

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