David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - ninth edition

David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel - ninth edition

With the support of the VriendenLoterij lottery, as part of the project, SCHUNCK has been organising a series of special group sessions and portraits together with Bade.

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Since the autumn of 2020, Bade has been immersing himself in the world of six special groups and clubs in Heerlen. For example, he has trained with local football club RKSV Groene Ster, and before that danced with breakdance group HFC and immersed himself in the world of the Pink Peril Roller Derby.
From March 2022, Bade once again engaged himself in a number of intriguing encounters. As part of the national ‘Psychiatry Week’ he opened a public studio at the Mondriaan mental health care institute in Heerlen, to start work under the captivated gaze of the public. 

This has resulted in special encounters, moves and stories. And, of course, a larger-than-life work by David Bade that has been added to Heerlen’s municipal art collection. In March 2022, Bade’s public studio and his work were put on display in the Mondriaan canteen at John F. Kennedylaan 301 in Heerlen.

Psychiatry Week 

National Psychiatry Week focuses on the fact that 1 in 4 of us are susceptible to mental health issues. A number of activities have been organised in Limburg. This year, Mondriaan has joined in the activities organised in the province as part of national Psychiatry Week and institute has received support through sponsorship.

Recovery from a psychological disorder is a personal and unique process, a voyage of discovery which has no direct route. Mondriaan is a key partner for people in Zuid-Limburg going through this process. By participating in Psychiatry Week we are helping to ensure that the topic gets widely aired. Sharing experiences is important and help is available in many shapes and forms.

Come and see for yourself!

From 14 to 25 March, David Bade held an open studio in the canteen at Mondriaan, the largest mental health care institute in Heerlen. Visitors were warmly invited to come and see for themselves at John F. Kennedylaan 301 in Heerlen. During that period, it was possible to follow the progress of his work every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The location can be easily reached by public transport and there is likewise ample car parking space available on site. The group portrait was revealed at 3 p.m. on Friday 25 March and marked by appropriate festivities for the occasion in the Mondriaan canteen which doubled up as David Bade’s studio. 

in the media

L1 Radio - Cultuurcafe (11 March 2022)
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De Limburger, 17 February 2022

Mondriaan, 25 March 2022
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Mondriaan for mental health

Every year, Mondriaan provides mental health care services to more than 10,000 people from the ages of between 0 and 100. Our working field is wide, from general mental health services and addiction care to specialist, forensic, and Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT). As much as possible, we work with the patient in his or her own community setting, providing clinical treatment where necessary. Together we are working towards a mentally robust Zuid-Limburg. 

Kitty D’Hoine, a member of the management board, is keen to point out that Mondriaan welcomes as wide an audience as possible:

“Take a stroll through our grounds and around the green open spaces of the neighbourhood we occupy in Welten-Benzenrade and come and admire for yourself this amazing work as it progresses! Talk to the artists and others present and enjoy a cup of coffee in our canteen. During national Psychiatry Week we will be posting progress reports via SCHUNCK and Mondriaan social media.” – Kitty D’Hoine, member of the Mondriaan board of management.

David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel

David Bade and SCHUNCK have a lifelong collaboration. This means that Bade, throughout his lifetime, will return on a regular basis to Heerlen to draw a diversity of residents, in a diversity of settings and surroundings. These works are then added to the municipal collection which is managed by SCHUNCK. In this way, an archive of visual art will evolve which records Heerlen's DNA. 

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