David Bade - Revival of Babyblauw past bij jou

David Bade - Revival of Babyblauw past bij jou

Artist David Bade breathed new life into this work of art in Rennemig, which had been damaged by fireworks.

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Together with local residents, the plan was for Bade to rework the installation, based on its condition at the time. The fire damage itself became part of the artwork, its negativity and destructivity being transformed into something positive.

The Babyblauw past bij jou installation is situated between Belemnieterf and Trigoniaerf. In 2014-2015, Bade worked in the Beersdal and Rennemig neighbourhoods of Heerlen. On the basis of telling conversations with locals and the many different personalities living here, an idea was born to create two permanent art installations along with residents. These were completed in 2016. The work was renovated together with residents in September 2017. 

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