David Bade - return trip to Amsterdam

David Bade - return trip to Amsterdam

On 22 December 2015, artist David Bade took a return trip to Amsterdam with his mobile studio. His arrival marked the culmination of the Koempels exhibition, which was on show at Framer Framed. This programme was initiated on the basis of an original idea by Milena Mulders for M2015 and SCHUNCK’s curator at the time, Lene ter Haar, with the support of SCHUNCK.

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In 2013, David Bade and SCHUNCK entered into a long-term collaboration in which Bade engaged in an intensive dialogue with the city of Heerlen and its residents. With his oh-so idiosyncratic style – both disarming and confrontational at the same time - through his drawings and paintings, he reveals the personality and the stories of Heerlen. In this way, a municipal collection of visual art will evolve which records Heerlen’s s dna.

The fifth edition of David Bade draws Heerlen took place in September 2015 at Heerlen’s railway station, a district subjected to large-scale transformation over the last few years, in order to capture images of Heerlen expats and commuters. On 22 December he visited Framer Framed in Amsterdam for a one-day studio session. This time he captured in image some of Heerlen’s former residents, now based in Amsterdam: while conversing, he paints unique portraits of (former) inhabitants of Heerlen, who have moved to Amsterdam.

David Bade #Amsterdam 2015

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