• May 24, 2022
Party of Life - an unforgettable evening

Party of Life - an unforgettable evening

  • May 24, 2022
On Friday 20 May, SCHUNCK - the museum - transformed itself into a club, an artistic breeding ground, hangout, as well as a place to admire art.

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Party of Life was organised together with other partners from the city including Outpoet, Driver’s Seat, HFC and Het Genootschap. As well as a lot of dancing, the evening saw the presentation of the 220 VOLT and 6400 NAGI T-shirts (now on sale in the museum shop); there was also a live painting on foil; in addition, the Keith Haring-inspired mural of In2YourPlace was unveiled in the corridor of Outpoet Parkstad.

Dani Silvia -  In2YourPlace onthulling.png

Unveiling of In2Yourplace mural

There was live music, a DJ, an exhibition, the spoken word and clothing was also printed. In addition, partygoers were able to visit the Keith Haring and Driver's Seat exhibitions. The closing piece of Party of Life at 9.30 pm was HFC‘s 10 Years Jam on Heerlen’s Pancratiusplein, part of the national Breakdance contest. We are still basking in the afterglow!

Roll on next year!

Party of Life, photos: Dani Silvia