• Dec 08, 2022
Meet Driver's Seat 2022-2023
Photo: Anne Jannes

Meet Driver's Seat 2022-2023

  • Dec 08, 2022
The new season of Driver's Seat is kicking off. With as many as 16 (!) participants this year, the group is bigger than ever. All the more fun.

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Kiki, Amber, Vera, Ewoud, Maureen, Bibi, Linde, Ward, Lin, Veerle, Shilo, Eefje, Noha, Marjolein, Caro and Britt. This is Driver's Seat 22/23.

artsy group

With new members from high school, previous participants, photography enthusiasts, portrait artists, art school students, scriptwriters, former foreign students, David Hockney enthusiasts, dancers, stargazers, nature lovers and tea fanatics, it is a diverse and artsy company.

Read more about the members and get to know them all on the Driver's Seat page.

Anne Jannes-0812s - Shilo.jpgAnne Jannes-1203s - Ewoud.jpgAnne Jannes-1310s -  Amber.jpgAnne Jannes-0755s - Vera.jpgAnne Jannes-0950s - Caro.jpgAnne Jannes-1002s - Kiki.jpgAnne Jannes-1049s - Maureen.jpgAnne Jannes-1257s - Ward.jpgAnne Jannes-1363s - Eefje.jpgAnne Jannes-1427s - Noha.jpgAnne Jannes-1496s - Linde.jpgAnne Jannes-1080s - Britt.jpgAnne Jannes-0910s - Veerle.jpgAnne Jannes-0778s - Lin.jpgAnne Jannes-1144s - Bibi.jpg

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