• Mar 29, 2022
Introductory presentation on Keith Haring big success

Introductory presentation on Keith Haring big success

  • Mar 29, 2022
On Sunday 27 March, Ko van Dun gave a presentation to a packed audience of Keith Haring devotees. Those present, around eighty in total, were able to enjoy an informative afternoon full of anecdotes about the artist and the 1980s scene.

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As part of this introduction to the Keith Haring exhibition in SCHUNCK, Ko van Dun drew parallels between current events and the time when Keith Haring was starting out as an artist. The presentation dealt with his struggle against the prevailing ideas in art at the time, but also his activism in the gay movement in the 1980s. In addition, attention was paid to how he created his art, the place he occupies in the art world and what’s on display at the SCHUNCK exhibition.

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About Ko van Dun

Ko van Dun (b. Heerlen, 1953) is a freelance teacher of arts and culture studies engaged in a broad spectrum of themes and subjects. He is active as a speaker, author and adviser and, in addition to work for his own foundation, is also active in higher education, museums and businesses. As well as lecturing in auditoria and theatres, he also gives livestreaming presentations from his own studio.
His art reviews can be regularly heard on local radio.

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