The Heerlen Rooftop Project Phase 3 - Take your roof

The Heerlen Rooftop Project Phase 3 - Take your roof

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In this phase we see SCHUNCK mainly as a booster for a sustainable approach to the Heerlen rooftop landscape. Inspiration seeks realisation - take your roof!

Landlords, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and residents of Heerlen play a key role in the sustainable realization of the roofs in Heerlen. Together we will develop the characteristic flat grey roofs of the inner city into a green and lively podium! No less than 15,000 square metres of roof space can be found in the vicinity of the Glaspaleis. We hope that the Rooftop Movement - which includes property owners, entrepreneurs and the residents of Heerlen - will be able to convert innovative ideas and designs into permanent realisation on a large scale on the roofs of Heerlen in the future.


Examples include rooftop agriculture, a roof garden, a sports area, a cinema or art exhibition or other meeting or recreational places. To maximise the experience and accessibility, roofs can eventually be connected by air bridges. The range of roofs is huge and the possibilities are diverse!

Have you already created an inspiring roof garden or have you done something else special with your roof? Let us know, maybe your roof can inspire others too.

Rooftop pak je dak SCHUNCK Heerlen.jpeg