The Heerlen Rooftop Project Phase 2 - On your Roof

The Heerlen Rooftop Project Phase 2 - On your Roof

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Under the motto On your roof! SCHUNCK organizes in the summer of 2022 The Heerlen Rooftop Project on the roof of parking garage Putgraaf. The grey parking deck is temporarily transformed into a small-scale urban farming garden, where smell, colour and taste play an important role. Various herbs, vegetables and edible flowers will stimulate the senses of visitors to this pleasant meeting and recreation place. The garden is divided into green rooms that stimulate biodiversity and bring nature into the city. The architectural collective Selvatico, one of the winners of the ideas competition (2019), created the design.

Rooftop_01 (1).jpg

©Selvatico, collective of architecture, Amsterdam

Together with volunteers and neighbourhood associations from Heerlen, the garden was laid out in stages. The first stage involved mainly carpentry, followed by two rounds of planting. This way, the garden slowly took shape. The final opening of the roof garden and thus the start of the festival took place on 30 June. The event is accompanied by a small-scale cultural programme, including yoga sessions and guided tours.

The roof garden is located on the 7th floor of Q-Park Putgraaf and can be reached via the entrance on Plaarstraat. The roof garden is within walking distance of the Glass Palace:

route schunck rooftop.jpeg

Motorists can take advantage of the special €5 parking rate by making a reservation with Q-Park in advance, see here for more information.

Project partners & support

Initiator & organiser

Design roof garden Putgraaf
Selvatico, Amsterdam

Project partners
VOC real estate
IBA Parkstad Limburg

De Moestuinman
Stadstuin Heerlen
Citizens of Heerlen (region)
Relim Foundation