World of Wonder

World of Wonder

Selvatico: Giulia Azaria, Iñigo Ruiz, Linda Tonin Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Seven rooftop islands are floating within the ocean of open spaces

The Heerlen Rooftop Project World of wonder is a design by Selvatico. ‘In the city of Heerlen seven rooftop islands are floating within the ocean of open spaces. It is an Archipelago: an ensemble of fragments, an heterotopia, an existing place of otherness, of escape, of adventure. Characterized by impermeable boundaries, islands and archipelago organization lead to the development of different ecosystems, each of them with his own identity.’

It is a microcosm of different environments that communicate through other forms of connectivity: not just physical, but also visual and functional connections are developed to promote new ways of experiencing the city.


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