De Nieuwe Context: Joey Rademakers, Dave van den Berg, Roel Slabbers Maastricht, Nederland

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Inpired by Alice in Wonderland - meet the characters which use the roofs of Heerlen

The Heerlen Rooftop Project Unknown Habitats is a project designed by the Maastricht bureau De Nieuwe Context.

‘When researching the possibilities for rooftop activities in Heerlen, we discovered these rooftops are already in use by different users. With a full Alice in Wonderland experience we met the characters which use the roofs of Heerlen. We stumbled upon a forgotten parking attendant on the highest parking level of Q-park. On the roof of Vaessen we discouvert a lonely street artist shouting poetry into nowhere. Apparently there is a calisthenics club on the roof of Berden and on the rooftop of Schunck is a city guide waiting for visitors to tell them about the unique spots of Heerlen. In this diagram we provide an overview of the characters and their habitats.’

‘With this masterplan we stimulate new urban connections that unfolds a qualitative and vital city life.’

SCHUNCK cannot guarantee the correctness of content and expression. The participants themselves are responsible for their texts.