Architecture by Co-creation: Cornelis Plomp. Leiden, Nederland

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‘The Rooftop Project’ is designed by Architecture by Co-creation.

Our inner cities changes rapidly due to our growing online economy. With this rooftop project Kees Plomp form architecture by co-creation introduces a new layer of public space to make the inner city of Heerlen more attractive in the future. Recreational functions as a park, sport facilities, kitchen gardens and a camping site can projected easily on the large existing roofs. This strengthens the public life in Heerlen and contributes to the biodiversity of the city. The rooftop festival aims to reach a broader audience for usage of rooftops. For this reason the idea is presented as a catalogue of solutions. Just choose your favorite for your own rooftop.

”Experience the future level of public space.”

-Cornelis Plomp-

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