[delacourt][vanbeek] architectuur&buitenruimte: Ton van Beek, Pieter Delacourt. Breda, Nederland

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Rollercoaster’ is designed by [delacourt][vanbeek] architectuur&buitenruimte. The Rollercoaster offers festival-goers spectacular access to the rooftops around the main square in the form of a giant rollercoaster for pedestrians. This rollercoaster is a temporary construction that meets all safety requirements. It is designed with prefabricated parts such as scaffolding material and prefab stair parts. This makes the construction relatively easy to put on and take off.
The rollercoaster disappears after the rooftop festival, but the big letters remain as a reminder of the festival.

”The Rollercoaster is a special urban experience with the visuals of an annual fair.”

-Ton van Beek-

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