PLAN NO. 10 Jeroen Bisscheroux Amsterdam, Nederland

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Plan № 10’ is designed by Jeroen Bisscheroux.

The project brings the entire production process from egg to chicken fillet to the roofs of Heerlen city center. Thousands of chickens live high above the houses and their inhabitants; from birth to death. From egg to chicken fillet. For the residents this means fresh eggs, fresh meat and meat products, energy and good quality manure. ‘Plan № 10’ is a market that is self-sufficient, sustainable and animal-friendly. But also a market that exhibits, also the sad things that simply come with eating meat, slaughter, collateral damage, illness, possible culls, white suits and masks, disinfection, hygiene on an industrial scale.

”Man must eat. It’s all about small-scale, about locally produced, about making things visible that were previously hidden, about animal welfare, about involvement….”

-Jeroen Bisscheroux-

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