VZM: Anna Zora, Eliav Varda, Andrea Manzini. Marseille, Frankrijk

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Phantom Esplanade’ is designed by Anna Zora, Eliav Varda & Andrea Manzini.

The Phantom Esplanade is a delicate scaffolding structure, inspired by the phantoms of the mining rigs that used to dominate this area’s skylines. This scaffolding will create a green and flexible infrastructure that will allow the whole community to participate in its construction. The multiple roofs are connected by a long colourful ribbon, starting from a staircase tower on the ground. Each roof serves as a platform for various activities while leaning on the scaffolding structure and accompanying the upper path.

”Tents providing indoor spaces together with outdoor auditoriums, restaurants, and urban agriculture create a completely new citified sky-gardens experience.”

-Eliav Varda from the VZM team-

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