DC Alliance: Yuecong Shan Shanghai, China

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The Heerlen Rooftop Project ‘Moving up!’ is designed by Kadawittfeldarchitektur.

Far from suggesting an isolated course of events, our proposal intends to dialogue with its potential context. The goal is to provide a new world of possibilities, integrating existing IBA Projects in three new Kwartiers. A coherent program has been conceived for them, intended to develop over time involving more roofs in different Stages. The first stage of intervention comprises only the seven suggested rooftops and provides the minimum amount of vertical and horizontal connections, allowing the Rooftop Festival to happen in three clusters. The second stage would improve the connection between the kwartiers, by involving a few neighbouring rooftops, intended as transit points that would structure the ensemble into an intertwined circuit. The third stage ultimates the link between the kwartiers both on the ground level and above, taking over the available rooftops and letting the three kwartiers work as a network.

“Man still breathes both in and out. When is architecture going to do the same? There is a kind of spatial appreciation which makes us envy birds in flight; there is also a kind which makes us recall the sheltered enclosure of our origin. Architecture will fail if it neglects either the one or the other – labyrinthinan clarity, at any rate, sings of both. Birds nest, bird-flight, bird. (Place and occasion). Tree is leaf and leaf is tree- house is city and city is house – a tree is a tree but it is also a huge leaf – a leaf is leaf, but it is also a tiny tree – a city is not a city unless it is also a huge house – a house is a house only if it is also a tiny city”

-Aldo van Eyck, Works, Compilation by Vincent Ligtelijn-

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