The Heerlen Project Phase 1 - Through the Roof

The Heerlen Project Phase 1 - Through the Roof

In 2019, SCHUNCK issued an international ideas competition for architects, urban engineers, landscape architects and designers.

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The result was very special and inspirational: 53 submissions from 12 countries – a broad and dazzling kaleidoscope of themes ranging from climate, biodiversity, re-use & recycling, entrepreneurship, urban farming, urban gardening to alternative energies and reduction of the constructed matter.

The competition consisted of two parts. In the first part, the designers were asked to develop a master plan for 7 selected rooftops around SCHUNCK in the city centre of Heerlen. The challenge was to use the untapped potential of the grey rooftops for a sustainable, climate-oriented use of the living environment. Because rooftops are also specific locations that can offer a new perspective on the city, the condition was that the rooftops could be developed from a temporary test installation (festival) to a sustainable transformation in a process-based approach.

Three winners

In November 2019, an international jury consisting of professional experts and business stakeholders (advisers) from the region, selected ten participants from the field of the 53 submitted projects to perform further research. The ten selected agencies each received a personal assignment and compensation for the second part of the competition. In mid-January 2020, the research was completed with a second jury selection of the three winners. Each winning design was awarded € 10,000.

Be inspired and watch the interview with the three winners below:

The designs are a source of inspiration for both the festival and a long-term perspective and represent the potential that lies in the unused rooftops in impressive ways!

Check out the designs of all participants


Peter Veenstra/Lola Landscape Architects
Robert Thiemann/Frame Magazine
Cédric Libert/CIVA – Stichting voor Architectuur
Studio Frank Havermans
Sonja Beeck/Chezweitz Szenografie)