Zeynep Yayla

Zeynep Yayla

A workspace in the Wijers. UHasselt (Belgium)

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The workplace is located in De Wijers, Zonhoven. De Wijers is known for its water landscape but also contains other special features. By bringing together these different elements, the master project took shape. For example, in the site, there is a forest, a stream and lakes. These elements made it possible to apply the technique, watering of wood, in the site. This is an ancient technique where the logs, from 9 months to 3 years are kept in water. This method of treatment aims at a result where the logs are more workable and the drying of wood can be done faster. Also, the working of the wood after drying will also occur less. In addition, this way of working ensures that there is less impact on the environment. Because the watering of wood is a lengthy process and loss of interest has become an increasingly important factor, watering has become increasingly rare. Moreover, it is not easy to find a place for watering. But within the framework of sustainable development the watering of wood can play a role again. Especially towards the future, when polluting industries will be taxed more. Also, this technique is interesting because we are facing a shortage of raw materials, we cannot continue to deforest our forests forever.

Thus, the tree trunks, coming from the Galgenberg, will be transported via the Roosteerbeek to the water pools. In this way the Roosteerbeek will once again be used functionally and will create added value for the community. In the workplace, the efficiency of the industrial revolution will be increasingly sidelined and room will be made for crafts.





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