Sebastian Rupp

Sebastian Rupp

Lichtblick. pleasing perspective during a monotonous or desolate condition. FH Aachen (Germany)

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Art, culture, live experiences, meeting places - these are all things that characterize a modern cityscape and ensure that people feel comfortable in a city and also identify with it.
Such places and offers provide space for self-development, creativity and the identification of new possibilities and interests. But they also help to preserve past times in various ways and to create an awareness of history and the events associated with it.

If you look after unused spaces in the city, you will soon come across the numerous bunker buildings from the time of the Second World War. Some of them are already being reused, but remain under their possibilities due to limitations and legal requirements.
At the same time, it should not be forgotten from what time they originate and under what inhuman circumstances the bunkers were built.

The aim of my master thesis is to create an exemplary outlook on the conversion possibilities and the potential of such existing bunker buildings at this location. Thereby deconstruction and reconstruction measures are considered detached from legal requirements in order to guarantee a courageous and creative planning with the existing building.

The different functions of the memorial and the cultural and event scene will be examined with regard to their needs at this location.
They should be combined in a meaningful way and supplemented by new space in the form of an extension on the roof. The experimental approach to the existing structure in terms of references from built examples, but also from art, is intended to provide an exciting new outlook on the development potential of the Bunker and thus on the increase of the attractiveness of the city through such newly conceived locations.






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