Morten Schrötgens

Morten Schrötgens

Evolutioneum Hamburg. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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A Natural History Museum in the Age of the Anthropocene

A natural history museum of the 21st century is a museum in the age of the Anthropocene. Humans have become by far the most important factor influencing biological, geological and atmospheric processes on Earth. Ever-advancing climate change reveals changes in all of these spheres. The effects of this man-made deformation of the world must be negotiated in one place.

“Das neue Klöpperhaus” will be transformed into a research museum for the ”Centrum für Naturkunde Hamburg” (CeNak). The CeNak owns a collection of zoological, geological-paleontological and mineralogical objects that has grown since the 19th century. As a competence center for biodiversity and evolution research, the building is becoming an educational venue in the center of Hamburg. The focus is on the influence of humans on the evolution of life. The exhibitions draw attention to the fragility of the earth. As a research museum for biological diversity, it wants to encourage people to get involved in climate, species and nature protection.

The architecture enables discussion of essential topics. It offers exhibition space for the countless exhibits and the possibility to bring current research topics closer to the visitors. Visitors are invited to experiment and research for themselves. The building offers space for highly installed laboratory workstations and a centrally organized collection library. In the attics, nature becomes part of the architecture. For a more conscious life with each other.



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