Yannick Meuter

Yannick Meuter

Kulturforum Schlossplatz Münster. RWTH Aachen (Germany)

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EAP 2021 Yannick Meuter

"The border is not that where something ends, but, as the Greeks recognized, the border is that from where something begins its being." - Martin Heidegger, Building Living Thinking: lectures and essays, translated -

The design is conceived as an inner-city cultural landscape and thematizes the entire Schlossplatz in Münster and its surrounding places, the Old Town and the baroque complex, creating a new place between the places. The surrounding places are strengthened in their character. For this purpose, the amorphous form of the old town is strengthened in its legibility and the baroque ensemble is complemented in the south.
Between the city, whose space forming elements are the streets and roads, and the baroque ensemble, whose space forming system is based on the baroque axes and its highlight, the castle, the design is placed as an inner-city cultural landscape with the space forming system of the flowing space formed by the objects it contains. Accordingly, the composition of the design behaves dialectically with the existing orders and generating a strengthening of the surrounding places and of itself.

The concert hall is located as a circular volume in the amorphous cultural landscape of the park, belongs to its architectural objects and represents the center of the composition.
The concept is following the principle of incorporation of the day space, the dusk space and the night space, which are located one inside the other. The spatial transformation also describes the transformation of perception. The outermost layer contains the day space, flooded with light and at the same time the interface between the outside and the inside. The day room is followed by the dusk room, which sets the mood for the concert experience. The visitor reaches the innermost space across a footbridge, the space of night and immersion – the concert hall.

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