Mahla Parsaei

Mahla Parsaei

Adaptive Reuse of Darolfonun School as an Urban Garden. UHasselt (Belgium)

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EAP 2021 Mahla Parsaei

Tehran is the largest city in Iran which its destiny has been that of a village consisting of fruit trees, has gradually raised first to a small garden city and afterward to that of the largest country’s metropolis.

Because of the rapid development, and to respond to the needs of the population, most of the gardens got absorbed into the city fabric and have not been replaced. Although recreating the gardens as they were before may not be possible soon, many abandoned architectures in this city could be revitalized as gardens. One of the possible locations for this goal is Darolfonun School; a historic architecture of the first modern institution of higher education in Iran with a central green courtyard and an open empty space attached to the north side which is currently abandoned in the central part of the city.

In this project, it proposed to reuse this site as an urban garden. The proposed garden includes a more private garden with a formal arrangement as an innovation garden that can revitalize the central courtyard, the architecture surrounding it, and the memory of the school; and a public pleasure garden on the north side with an informal design to cultivate the city’s life and enrich the urban fabric in cultural, social, economic, ecological, and environmental ways. This place could attract different types of users for enjoyment or learning /creating purposes, and by suggesting some mutual areas, it provides an opportunity for communication between them. This project was looking forward to create an interiority where the open and close space, architecture and nature, city and building, past and present and future could come together to present a new life for this site, and maybe for the city.

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