Jonas Wübbe

Jonas Wübbe

Zukunft Zeche - Future Mine. FH Aachen (Germany)

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EAP 2021 Jonas Wübbe

Future Mine

An almost forgotten testimony to the industrial birth of the city of Marl is being transformed into a forward-looking education, research and business center for timber construction and climate protection, and thus into a new hub between the city center and the IGE 2027 on the Brinkfortsheide mine dump.

100 years of mining in the Ruhr area served as fuel for the economic boom in Germany, while its CO2 emissions led to the greatest challenge of the 21st century. This process is turned upside down in the “Future Mine” project. In order to have enough wood available for the mining expansion at the beginning of the 20th century, the 55km² forest area in the north of Marl has been reforested. This commercial forest is to be used in the future to supply the construction industry with wood and thus make the highly emissive construction sector more climate-friendly.

The concept for the plan area, centrally located in Marl-Hüls, with its listed buildings and winding towers, takes advantage of the future high frequency of the International Garden Exhibition to offer people a new hub between urban and green space. This hub offers a wide range of cultural activities and focuses on bringing people closer to timber-construction and its important role in climate protection.

In a second step a listed building ensemble is converted into an education and research center for timber construction. Pupils, students, professionals and interested people will have the opportunity to educate themselves in the field of climate and wood-construction. All buildings are connected via generous openings. Hexagonal wooden fixtures form the symbolic path from coal to future and offer a place of exchange in the centrally located forum.

An attached timber production site operates together with the university research department the construction field for experimental timber-construction.

EAP 2021 J Wubbe

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